STKI Summit 2017

אוניברסיטת ת"א, Tel Aviv Israel
27 מרץ, 2017
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Hosted each year in Tel Aviv, the conference welcomes over 1500 industry leaders CIOs, CEOs, CFOs and other senior management officials from Israel’s foremost companies and organizations. The Summit is an informative, energizing event focused on helping organizations define the vision and strategies of their future IT needs today. STKI has hosted its annual summit since 1992. During the summit our analyst team presents updates, major trends and developments in the global as well as local IT industry. STKI clients take part in the annual event and receive important information, relevant to their next year’s IT decisions, based on local and global research and analysis. In addition to presenting important international IT trends, our local analysts present the results of their annual study, which is based on surveys, focus groups and interviews with the main Israeli enterprises and major vendors. This includes local Israeli market trends, positioning of local players based on their presence and local support, and an analysis of the Israeli IT reality.

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